Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stink Bugs

The newest invasion sweeping the Eastern U.S., now includes stink bugs! However, bed bugs are still the prominent insect invading the U.S. currently. According to a CBS Article, stink bugs are worse than ever invading homes, businesses and destroying crops.

To learn more about stink bugs, this informational sheet is great!

Although stink bugs are not a prevalent in the Hudson Valley, Craig Thomas Pest Control has received and responded to calls regarding these insects. We are licensed and trained in insect and rodent control and would like the opportunity to protect your health, home and property in the near future. For questions, contact us by phone 800-255-6777, email, twitter or facebook. For more information on pest control, visit www.pestworld.org and www.callcraig.com.


  1. Stinkbugs aren't too prevalent - I consider them a typical fall experience. I've seen lady bugs get way out of hand though. Literally a trail of dead ones leading from an open crack into the warm house to escape the cold.

  2. Thank you for your comment!
    Stink bugs are not as prevalent in the Hudson Valley compared to other parts of the Eastern coast. Insect populations can vary year to year depending on the weather conditions and season. Everyone has their own tolerance of insects as well! Some individuals cannot tolerate 1 insect, where as others think 25 insects are not a problem.

  3. Sting bugs don't really create a problem inside the house but they can be quite a nuisance in your garden.