Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Craig Thomas Pest Control sponsors fundraiser to benefit diabetes research.

Craig Thoma Pest Control and Culumus Media station WPDH host Roof-A-Thon
 to help find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Each year, more than 13,000 young individuals are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes according to the Center for Disease Control. July 9-11, 2010, Culumus Media Station WPDH and Craig Thomas Pest Control hosted the 27th Annual Roof-A-Thon to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

"As a local business owner, giving back and supporting your local community is important," said Craig Thomas, President of Craig Thomas Pest Control. "Sponsoring Roof-A-Thon was an easy decision and really worth participating in." Along with sponsoring the event, Craig Thomas declared July and August JDRF months. Any new bee services during those months, ten percent of sale will go to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Diabetes was the seventh-leading cause of death listed on U.S. death certificates in 2006 and is likely to be under reported as a cause of death, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. Roof-A-Thon raised thousands dollars for JDRF. Jean-Marie Trick of JDRF said, " What a tremendous effort was made on behalf of JDRF - it was absolutely amazing."

Craig Thomas Pest Control (CTPC) is a local, third generation family owned business serving the entire Hudson Valley. CTPC offers pest management, home repair, nuisance wildlife and T.A.P. Insulation services. For more information contact us at 1.800.255.6777, email, twitter or facebook.

Picture: The Thomas Family & WPDHs Morning Show


Bed Bugs are back!

It's no joke, bed bugs are back!

This means bed bugs are showing up more frequently everywhere and even here in the Hudson Valley. Many ask, how and why? Bed bugs have made a resurgence over the past few years due to increase travel, lack of public knowledge, resistance to pesticides and changes in pest management services.  Bed bugs are excellent hitch hikers (their nickname) and have the ability to spread at a rapid rate. Bed bugs are not fun, but there are many measures YOU can take to prevent yourself.

  • Small brownish insects just under a ¼ inch long.
  • Oval in shape, flat and about as wide as they are long.
  • Immature bed bugs are much smaller, about 1 mm and lighter in color.
  • Bed bug eggs are very small, about 1 mm in size and whitish in color.
  • After a blood meal, bed bugs will appear to be reddish in color.

  • Actually finding a bed bug itself.
  • Finding blood stains on the bed due to the bed bug feeding.
  • Very small black marks (size of pepper) on or near the sleeping area.
  • Initially bed bug bites are painless, but turn into large, itchy welts. A good indication: waking up every morning with new bites.
I have bed bugs, now what?
  • Bed bugs are best handled by a BedBugFree professional, like Craig Thomas Pest Control.
  • Physical methods such as vacuuming or hot laundering can be helpful.
  • Vacuums that are used to remove bed bugs can become infested
  • Beds do not have to be thrown out, they can be saved by using an appropriate mattress & box spring encasements provided by Craig Thomas Pest Control.
  • Sleeping in a different room or vacating the structure is not a solution and can make the problem more difficult to eliminate.

Most recently, New York City has experienced a major bed bug problem from hospitals, apartment buildings, high end stores and more! Below is a video acknowledging the increase in bed bug activity in the city. Bed Bugs on the rise in NYC!

Craig Thomas Pest Control is a locally owned, 3rd Generation family owned business serving the entire Hudson Valley. As a licensed, BedBugFree company, we are specialized in treating bed bugs. If you need us, call us at 1.800.255.6777, email, twitter or facebook.

*information and pictures provided by: www.bedbugcentral.com

Friday, July 2, 2010

Coyote Attacks young children in Westchester County

Following two coyote attacks on young children in Rye in recent days, the Westchester County Department of Health is reminding residents to presume, as a precaution, that any coyotes that attack people could have rabies.

"There is always the possibility that coyotes can carry rabies," said Dr. Cheryl Archbald, Westchester County's Acting Health Commissioner. "Anyone who is bitten or scratched by a coyote should go to the nearest hospital. In fact, all animal bites should be reported to the Westchester County Department of Health, at 914-813-5000, so that the individual can be evaluated for rabies treatment."

Coyotes usually do not attack humans. However as residents make outdoor plans for this holiday weekend, Westchester County Department of Health offers the following simple safety tips to deter coyotes from attacking and to keep them away from homes.

To keep coyotes from your property:
  •  Bring pet food and water dishes inside.
  • Do not put out food for birds.
  • Do not leave food outside unattended; scrape your grill and burn off food residue.
  • Cover garbage cans securely.
  • Consider keeping small children and pets inside if there have been coyote sightings near your house.
  • While outside, have handy a loud horn, noisemakers, or pots or pans to bang on and also things you can throw at coyotes.

 If a coyote approaches you:

  •  Be aggressive: stand tall, shout in a loud voice, throw things at coyote, maintain eye contact and wave your arms as you try to scare it away and head indoors or to a more populated area.
  • Do not turn your back and run, as the coyote will then view you as prey and give chase.
  • Call 911. Do not try to catch the coyote unless you are a trained animal trapper.

Craig Thomas Pest Control is happy to announce, we have a full time trapper on staff to handle every animal, big or small. From squirrels, bats, beavers, skunks, woodchucks, coyotes or possums, we can handle it all. The name you already trust in pest control, expands to better serve our customers! Take advantage of this great service!

For more information about coyotes and rabies prevention, go to www.westchestergov.com/health or your local health department.

Article from: Westchester County Government - http://ow.ly/25ZqX
Picture: Encyclopædia Britannica Adovacy for Animals - http://ow.ly/25ZC8


Thursday, July 1, 2010

June 2010 Meeting

Here at Craig Thomas Pest Control (CTPC), we understand the importance of a pest free environment and outstanding customer service. CTPC is committed to continuous training of all our staff, extending from the management, office, sales and technicians. As a QualityPro company, a designation from the National Pest Management Association, we pride ourself on being part of the 1% of national pest management companies with this mark of excellence.

QualityPro is an industry program designed to increase professionalism of the industry through self-regulation and a higher public perception of industry professionalism. The pest management industry needs to raise the bar for quality. QualityPro makes it easier by clearly identifying pest management companies that excel. Performing background checks, reference checks, maintaining a drug free workplace, practicing environmentally responsible pest control, employing highly trained employees, offering clear warranties and service agreements are all part of our dedication to QualtiyPro.

June 30, 2010, CTPC held their monthly meeting to discuss several topics from bees, fleas, flies, marketing and safety. Below are some great pictures of the CTPC Team:

The field staff learning on the job safety. Thank you to everyone who played a "role." It was a great educational experience.

The entire CTPC team gathered as one! We love to support and cheer on our fellow colleagues.

Lastly, we awarded one of our technicians, Henry Montalvo with a TV, DVD Player and Movie for his outstanding effort in sales over the last three months.
Congratulations Henry! You deserve it, keep up the great work!!
(L-R) Rick Harris, General Manager, Henry Montalvo, Technician, Craig Thomas, President.

If you are interested in joining the Craig Thomas Pest Control Family,