Friday, February 27, 2009

2008 Home Builders Association Pinnacle Award Winner for Best Innovative Product for TAP Insulation!

As a member of the Hudson Valley Home Builders Association, earlier in the year we had an opportunity to apply for the 2008 Pinnacle Award. Although there were many categories, we applied for "The Best Innovative Product." Our winning innovative product was T.A.P. Insulation. The picture to the left, is Craig Thomas after winning the award.

T.A.P. Insulation is natural cellulose insulation and natural borate pesticides—creating Thermal, Acoustical & Pest Control Insulation, the only stabilized pest control insulation. To learn more about the advantages of T.A.P. take a look at our website:

Below are some pictures of T.A.P. Insulation.
Before to the left and after to the right.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

1st Company in The Hudson Valley to be Quality Pro Green


The movement toward “going green” has significantly influenced businesses ranging from construction to printing and now, pest management. As green services become a preferred choice among customers, Craig Thomas Pest Control is proud to announce its new designation from the National Pest Management Association as “QualityPro Green.” This designation not only reflects Craig Thomas Pest Control exceptional pest management services but more, its commitment to cultivating an environmentally-responsible business.

“Now, more than ever, consumers are seeking pest management methods that not only address their household pest problems but also, address their concerns regarding the protection of the environment,” says President, Craig Thomas. “In proactively seeking – and receiving – our QualityPro Green designation, we are not only responding to the need to be environmentally sensitive but also to the fact that 61% of consumers seek out pest control services they perceive as “green.*”

QualityPro Green services offered by Craig Thomas Pest Control include:
Carpenter Ants, Termites, Bees/Wasps, Mice/Rats, Tick Control, Animal Trapping, Fly Control, Millipedes, Bed Bugs, Bats Exclusion, Snakes, Bird Control, Roaches, Fleas, Damage Repair and TAP Insulation.

“As the first QualityPro Green Company in the Hudson Valley, we are fully committed to providing customers not only with outstanding services but outstanding green services,” commented Thomas. “We recognize that our customers want to be confident that the services performed in their homes are environmentally sensitive. Craig Thomas Pest Control can assure customers of this as our practices and our business philosophy reflect green thinking.”

For more information regarding green initiatives within the pest management industry, please visit and For further information on QualityPro Green, please visit

* Source: Harris Interactive, October 2007

Friday, February 13, 2009

Dead Rodents Found in Peanut Plant

Texas health officials closed a peanut plant operation after the salmonella outbreak. Upon investigation, inspectors found rodents, feces and feather in the production area. To check out more of this story, check out this link:

Rodents do not discriminate here in the Hudson Valley nor anywhere. However, if you have a rodent infestation in your home, be aware rodents can get into your home through the tiniest cracks or holes. Once they make entrance into your home, they can become very destructive. Rodents along with their feces can carry diseases such as Lyme disease, hantavirus and even cause asthma and allergies. Along with diseases, the National Fire Prevention Authorities estimate rodents gnawing on matches and wiring account of 20% of fires.

Before rodents take over your home, call the team at Craig Thomas Pest Control. Evaluating your home can help determine your exact needs. Placing a rodent program in your home, then sealing up entry points, sanitizing the areas of nesting and even replacing the insulation are just some of the methods we deploy. Call for more information, in how we can protect your family, health and home from those not so cute critters.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hello to the blogging world

After contemplating several times, I decided to enter the world of blogging. I have heard from many business professionals who have their own blog, blogs are the new wave of the future. After just getting back from a meeting, one of the major focus points was social networking. I guess, I have nothing to loose.

Background of Craig Thomas Pest Control. I am Sarah Thomas and I currently work for my family business, Craig Thomas Pest Control. I am the third generation in my family entering into the pest control industry, which is a honor! It all began with my grandfather, Jim Thomas in 1949, and currently my father Craig. It truly is a family run business. My Aunt is the Operations Support Specialist, my Mom is the bookkeeper, my other Aunt assists in bookkeeping and my brother and sister come in to wreak havoc. To see our company information click here.

My Grandfather, Jim Thomas with one of his vehicles. Above is The Thomas Family. Megan, Craig, Michelle, Sarah, Eric (L-R)

I began working in the office when I was pretty young helping out by stuffing envelopes, filing and little things to help out. Currently, I have 2 semesters left at SUNY New Paltz to obtain a BA in Organizational Communication. My plan is dive into the business full time, become more versed, educated and learn all aspects. This includes performing services, marketing, human resource development and coming more versed within the industry. I love the pest control industry because everyday you can learn something new with endless opportunities.

The blog is designed to for feedback, post interesting stories, for customers, employees, friends and family to view as well. For more information, check out our website: I am still getting use to it, so bear with me.