Friday, May 28, 2010

Our Structural Repair Divisions latest project: A deck!

As Craig Thomas Pest Control expands to better serve our customers...Our services now include Structural Repair and Nuisance Wildlife control. Our Structural Repair Division, just completed a deck and our customer did not hesitate to express his happiness. Awesome job to our team, thank you to our customer for a great review!

Interested in our other Structural Repair Services?
- TAP Insulation
- Leaf Defier rain gutter protection
- Chimney Cap installations
- Intensified pest exclusions
- Rain Gutter replacement
- Nuisance wildlife damage repair
- Moisture decay repairs
- Attic restoration
- Attic/Basement remodels
- Custom repair work

We are happy to provide a free inspection and estimate for your needed home repairs, modifications or just about any light construction project that you might have in mind. Don't leave your chores on your to do list, leave them to Craig Thomas Pest Control!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Make Memorial Day & Summertime more enjoyable!

As the grills heat up, splashing in the pool begins and the temperatures rise, we know summer is here! This weekend, Memorial Day officially kicks off the summer season! Everyone from Craig Thomas Pest Control commemorate all U.S. men and women to have died while in military service.

While you enjoy Memorial Day with family and friends, the following steps can prevent and avoid pesky critters from invading your gatherings…
• Keep all meat products, plates and utensils covered tightly until the food is ready for grilling.
• Remove all sources of standing/stagnant water near your home. Flies and mosquitoes find water as breeding sources.
• Keep bird baths clean and refresh water weekly.
• Keep gutters and drain clean and debris free.
• Avoid over watering your yard; this will help save water too!
• Remove dog and cat droppings from yard.
• Keep trashcans and recycle bins clean, covered and away from hang out areas.
• A fan blowing over cooking, prep and eating surfaces will help reduce fly populations.
• A simple change of light bulbs from white to yellow will reduce the number of spiders and flies.
• Keep screens in good repair and make sure all windows have screens!

How to stay insect safe this summer…
• Encourage children to let you know if they see bees, hornets or other insects and their nests. Make sure they know never to touch these insects or nests.
• Examine children for ticks when they come inside for the night after playing in the yard or outdoors.
• Keep all lawn fertilizers and liquids, household cleaners, pool chemicals and gasoline out of reach of children.

The team at Craig Thomas Pest Control, Inc. wishes everyone a joyous, safe and pleasant summer. We are here to assist with your pest management, structural repair and nuisance wildlife needs. Remember, if you suspect any pest activity, call before the concern becomes a major infestation.

*Information from NPMA's Summer Pest Gazettes

Monday, May 24, 2010

The latest buzz from our customers about the Team at Craig Thomas Pest Control

“Very good service. Very Professional.” Mike – Rhinebeck, NY

“You are honest and a pleasure to deal with.” Bonnie – Gardiner, NY

“Technician was very nice and clean to our house.” Virginia – Wallkill, NY

“Your technicians are polite and thorough. Your service is expertly handled.” Ruth – Washingtonville, NY

“It is a pleasure to do business with Craig Thomas Pest Control.” Ruth – Newburgh, NY

“We are extremely satisfied.” Eugene – Woodstock, NY

“Technician was highly competent and informative.” Pete – Fishkill, NY

“Technician was amazing and responsive. He spoke in such detail regarding my needs.” Mary – Rhinebeck, NY

"I have a very old house, and Joe truly showed that he cared with his recommendations/suggestions along with his service performance." Matt - Warwick, NY

"I just wanted to send a note of thanks for the terrific service that Craig Thomas has given us this past year. We are delighted to be one of your clients." Dan - Kingston, NY

"I just wanted to bring to your attention the fantastic personal demeanor and professionalism of one of your technicians, Dan P. Dan was at my house yesterday, as a follow up service call, and could not be more nicer, qualified, or patient in explaining all of the possible scenarios that could have played out in our house recently regarding a ‘pest issue’. He was there on time, in all of that snow, and was extremely knowledgeable and personable; one of the reasons why we continue to do business with your company. I believe that superior and outstanding service should be recognized, hence this email. In today’s business world, it is extremely refreshing to encounter an individual who cares about his job, his customers, and his company so much.It is so nice to deal with a company who is successful in hiring and retaining qualified individuals as part of its work team, and I will continue to recommend Craig Thomas Pest Control to family and friends as a direct result of my continued satisfaction with your company." Virginia - Wallkill, NY

Craig Thomas Pest Control takes extraordinary steps to ensure high performance standards among our employees, including technician background checks, continuous education and more. We take pride in protecting the health and property of entire Hudson Valley against pests, wildlife and offering many additional services to better serve our customers. For more feedback from our customers, please visit our website.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Look who's coming to dinner...

One of the wonderful aspects of the pest management industry includes the ongoing improvement of technology and products. Recently, Craig Thomas Pest Controlteamed with Dow AgroSciences for the latest technology in Termite Protection and Elimination.

Termites damage more homes than fires, earthquakes and storms combined! What a shattering fact! Subterranean termites are moderately to heavily found in the stateof New York. Termite swarming usually begins in our area, the end of March into May. Swarming is when a termite swarmer is looking for a swarmer of the opposite sex to establish a new colony with. However, swarming does not always occur, but there are other signs such as live or dead termites, finding damaged wood or mud tubes. The picture above is the Termite Life Cycle, for more info:

If termites do invade your home or property, Craig Thomas Pest Controlhas a green solution for you! The Sentricon Elimination System is a green method to termite control, using small amounts of active ingredient. Sentricon detects, eliminates and monitors termite colonies through its unique baiting system. In 2000, Sentricon received the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award and has been chosen to protect The White House, Statue of Liberty and other national treasures.

Craig Thomas Pest Controlhas also taken the pro-active approach using the Halo Detection System to protect your most important asset, your home.
Halo provides visible proof if termites are active on your property through professional monitoring technology, which provides detectable proof, while you the owner enjoys peace of mind with a pesticide free detection system.

When you combine the #1 brand in Termite Protection with your local, trusted pest control company, Craig Thomas Pest Controland Dow AgroSciences are all the peace of mind you will ever need.